Nature Photography
Backyard Nature Photography
by Jake Paredes

Tips for learning how to photograph Birds in Flight
by Jay Paredes

Night Photography
by Judd Patterson

Macro Photography
by Jake Paredes

ANARCHY: Sometimes Its Okay to Ignore the Rules
by Robin Statfeld

Beginning Nature and Wildlife Photography
by Lance Warley

Post Processing
Keeping an Open Mind
by Chuck Hersh

Species Profiles
American Swallow-tailed Kite
by Jay Paredes

Snowy Plover
by Hugh J McLaughlin

Abisko Auroras
by Lance Warley

Postcards from China
by Robin Statfeld

Central Florida Road Trip
by Kevin Barry

Reflections in the Canadian Rockies
by Lance Warley

by Judy Lynn Malloch

An Interview with Joanne Williams
by Lance Warley

Abisko Auroras by Lance Warley, click to read.

Backyard Nature Photography, click to read.

American Swallow-tailed Kite, click to read.

Welcome to the web presence for the Everglades Photographic Society™ (EPS). We are a community of photographers from Southeastern Florida that share a passion for photography and wanted to find a way to improve our skills, share techniques, and most of all help promote awareness of environmental concerns.

Wood Stork

The goal of this site is to establish a community of fellow nature photographers to share images, ideas, and techniques. We hope that EPS will be the place for you to share and learn about nature photography and the environment.

Whether you have the best equipment or are constrained by your budget, well try to help you get the best results with what you have. This site is about encouraging you to get out there, take more pictures, and fall in love with nature, because that is the best way for everyone to see why it is worth saving.

Over the coming months, we will be producing a series of lessons to help you get started with photographing the natural world. In turn we invite you to join our flickr group and share your images or start a discussion. Drop us a note and tell us what it is you would like to learn more about, so we can tailor the content of this site for you, the reader.

Society Members
Chuck Hersh

Vice President
Jay Paredes

Jake Paredes

Lance Warley

Contributing Members
Michael J. Cohen
Dean Fleischman
Don Hamilton Jr.
Gary Malloch
Judy Lynn Malloch
Judd Patterson
Jeff Shulman
Joanne Williams

Guest Contributors
John Cornell
Hugh J McLaughlin