HBBL Lecture by Gerardo Estrada @ BS303, Thursday, August 20th, 2015

HBBL lecture on Thursday, August 20th at 3pm, in BS12 room 303.
Gerardo Estrada, who will soon receive his Doctoral degree from FAU Physics department, will present:
Improving In Vivo Two Photon Microscopy Brain Imaging Without Adaptive Optics”.
Two photon microscopy is one of the fastest growing methods of in-vivo
imaging of the brain. It has the capability of imaging structures of the
scale of 1 micrometer. At this scale the wavelength of the imaging field (usually
near infra-red), is comparable to the size of the structures being imaged
(e.g. neurons of the visual cortex). This scale relation makes the use of
ray optics invalid. A better understanding is needed to predict the result
of introducing different media into the light path, such as the coverslips
protecting the optical window. We use Wolf’s integral, which is capable of
fulfilling these needs without the shortcomings of ray optics. We predict
the effects of aberrating media introduced into the light path and then
correct the aberration using the same method. We also create a method to
predict aberrations when the interfaces of the media in the light-path are
not aligned with the propagation direction of the wavefront. This work
leads to simple and cost effective improvements in 2 photon neural imaging
and contributes to understanding the anatomy and function of brain
circuits, an important challenge under Obama’s B.R.A.I.N. initiative.